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Special Education and Rehabilitation Application Instructions

The Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at Utah State University offers licensure programs in Mild/Moderate, Severe, Birth to Age Five and Visual Impairment specializations. Admission to the program occurs each fall, and students are admitted as part of an annual cohort.

Requirements for Admission:

    • 40 attempted hours (this means you will have 40 credits by the end of fall semester)
    • Cleared background check through Utah State Board of Education (
    • Passed CEHS Writing Test (must have taken this before you can get access to the online application). Offered the first five weeks of the semester in the YETC in the Education Building whenever it is open. Also offered at each USU Extension Site in the Testing Center.
    • Minimum ACT scores (21 composite, 20 English, 19 Math, 18 Reading, 18 Science). You can take the residual ACT at Testing Services every Wednesday morning. If you no longer have a copy of your ACT scores, they are on your high school transcript which should be free. The ACT test can be waived if you have passed the required Praxis Exam.
    • 3.00 Minimum GPA. A few waivers are available if your scores are not this high. Email Darcie Peterson for a waiver application. 

Complete the following by end of Fall semester:

General Education Requirements:
      • ENGL 1010 with grade of C+ or higher
      • BAI with grade of C or higher
      • BLS with a grade of C or higher
      • PHYS 1200 with a grade of C or higher
      • FCHD 1500 with a grade of C or higher
Math Requirements:
      • Mild/Moderate and Severe emphasis need two of the following 3 math classes completed with a C or higher. The third class needs to be completed spring semester. The three classes are Math 1050 or 1051, Math 2010 and Math 2020.
      • Birth to 5 majors need only one math class – either Math 1050 or STAT 1040 completed with a C or higher.

  • Ethics exam results  - take the exam at Keep a copy of your results (the email). You will need your cactus ID number to do the ethics review. This is on your background check email from the state so you need to complete the background check before you will be able to complete the ethics review.
  • Mild/Moderate: Take the Praxis Middle School Math (5169)
  • Severe, Birth to Age 5, and Visual Impairment: Take the Praxis ELED Content Test (5001)
Apply online at by October 10. You will hear back if you are admitted by Nov 1.

Admitted students will take Professional Education courses during spring semester.

Files to include in the Application:

  • Copy of current transcript, including any classes currently in progress (It can be unofficial)
  • Copy of writing test results (copy of email)
  • Proof of completed background check
  • Proof of completed ethics review
  • Praxis Test results
  • ACT scores (not necessary if passed Praxis Exam)
  • Optional: Documentation of your experience with individuals with disabilities, this could include a transcript, letter from employer/supervisor, pay stub, thank you letter, etc. No documentation is needed for those who have a family member with a disability.
When you apply online, please first go the dashboard and make sure all your demographic information is correct. The admissions committee will use this information to communicate with your regarding your application.

Make sure you fill out the application for admission (not student teaching) and the application for special education (not elementary education or secondary education). 

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